Congratulations to the MiAND newly-elected
Board Members for 2021-22!


Sarah Ann Heinz, MS, RDN

Over the past 15 years, I have been an active member of different dietetic organizations. I have held numerous leadership roles, including different Board of Director positions. Being very friendly, organized, and able to multi-task, being understanding, compassionate and punctual, has assisted in the growth of my career as a dietitian. I currently teach culinary nutrition classes and other nutrition education classes and counsel outpatients as my day-to-day routine as a registered dietitian.

Secretary Treasurer-Elect

Emily Ostrowski, MS, RD

While serving on dietetic, school, and other professional boards, I have brought problem-solving skills, innovation, and inclusion to the group.  I believe in the purpose of the Michigan Academy and will be detailed-oriented, an excellent communicator, and accountable, if elected.  I look forward to networking and keeping the Michigan Academy strong. 

Nominating Committee Members

Alicia Taub, MS, MBA, RD, CNSC

Honesty and respect. Those are the two leadership skills I value the most. Effective teams are based on a foundation of trust, so I make it a priority to demonstrate, through what I do and say, that I am an honest and trustworthy leader. Respect is earned and goes both ways. I always demonstrate to my team that I respect what they do, what they say, what they contribute, etc. As a member of the nominating committee, I will continue to apply these skills, and others, to support the role I hold.

Emily Welles, MS, RD, CDE

I would be an asset to the nominating committee due to my experience serving on various professional organization boards and the connections I have made with fellow dietitians over the years. I work in both diabetes education and eating disorder care and have a wide variety of RD colleagues. I am passionate about providing current and future dietitians with adequate training and education on patient-centered care. In addition to serving on the Dietitian of West Michigan board for many years, I have also done many speaking engagements and enjoy teaching other dietitians. Thank you for your consideration!

Michigan Nutrition and Dietetics Institute Trustees

Lynette Maxey, RDN, CDCES

I have been in a leadership position for many years in my place of employment and with the Northern Michigan Dietetic Association.  I am also very passionate about the profession of dietetics and about providing valuable learning experiences for my dietetic interns.  I love to learn and I love to teach. 

Mary Angela Niester, MPH, RD

As an active board member at both the state and national level, I have the insight and expertise needed to identify future leaders among students and interns. The skills and knowledge in these elected and appointed positions I’ve held will be helpful in reviewing scholarship applications.

Meghan Wilkinson, MS, RDN, CNSC

Throughout my career, I have been driven to be a leader in our field of nutrition and dietetics. One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is working with students and dietetic interns. As an educator, I encourage my students to get involved in their local and state dietetic associations and stress the importance of leadership activities and advocacy for our profession. Through my role as an inpatient clinical dietitian, I have had the privilege of precepting dietetic interns. I look forward to continuing to improve our profession through student engagement and leadership opportunities.