Renal Dietitian

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Full Time Renal RD Position- 40 hr/wk

-Assesses patient’s knowledge and provides education regarding the relationship of diet and kidney disease and the impact on the treatment process.
-Provides education to patient/family/caregiver regarding nutritional status, adequacy measures and results, fluid status, and all nutrition related lab parameters pertaining to their disease process.
-Completes nutritional assessment and works with the interdisciplinary team to develop an individualized comprehensive plan of care for patients.
-Maintains complete and accurate medical records including progress notes.
-Provides ongoing assessment and counseling necessary to assist patient in achieving and sustaining an effective nutritional status.
-Identifies malnourished or at-risk patients and works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team to identify appropriate interventions, resources, or solutions. 
-Monitors, adjusts, and documents response to nutrition therapy and addresses any issues impacting the patient’s ability to achieve the goals.
-Collaborates with the interdisciplinary team on Urea Kinetic Modeling recommendations to achieve the physician’s prescription of Kt/V.
-Reports on nutrition QAI results and participates in the interdisciplinary QAI program.  
-Reviews nutrition related lab results:Counsels patient and/or caregiver and formulates appropriate action.
-Recommends treatment changes to the interdisciplinary team as appropriate.
-Identifies candidates to refer to physician for nutritional supplements.  
-Communicates with physician and/or facility staff as appropriate.
-Maintains dietetic registration and continuing education hours as specified by American Dietetic Association and state licensure regulations where applicable.

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